4 Blogs A Writer Should Follow

blogs to follow

Perhaps the best writing advice that works is from Ray Bradbury, a prolific writer and poet. His advice was to write every day of your life, read intensely and see what happens.

Indeed, the only way to become successful at writing is to keep writing.

However, writers do need support and help. In that case, we have a list of blogs every writer should follow.

These blogs will help him hone his craft. Here are four the writing blogs for writers:

Self-publishing school by Chandler Bolt

There’s a self-publishing school managed by Chandler Bolt that helps budding authors write and publish their books. The blog has plenty of resources for writers but to have full access and support, you will need to sign up as a student for the publishing school.

In all honesty though, the rest of the staff are very supportive, especially if you plan to use a self-publishing platform. You can also download BookLaunch for free, a book written by Chandler for writers.

Check it out; it is a very informative book. It’s going to help you finally sit down, complete and publish your first book.

The blog also has a wealth of information about the best self-publishing platform that you can use. They will also teach you how to grow your income through writing.

Make A Living Writing

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Carol Tice, blogger and self-published author, has been blogging since 2008. It’s her goal to help writers grow their income either through writing for the web and publishing books.

The blog has plenty of writing tips that are useful. She also has a list of websites that pay you to write, and it’s a long list!

The blog also includes helping you become a productive author, how to market yourself as a writer and how to use networking as a tool to get more clients.

Write To Done

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The blog has resources for fiction and non-fiction writers, how to become more motivated to write, writing tips, writing tools and resources on how to promote yourself and your work.

The articles are extremely helpful. You will be successful if you actually follow their advice.

The first step would be to sit down and keep writing.

The Write Life

Here’s another blog that specializes in freelancing, blogging, marketing, writing and publishing. They already have thousands of helpful articles for writers!

The Write Life also accepts submissions. So, if you have anything to say about writing, do contact them!

What are you waiting for? Sign up now and start writing!