Five Copywriting Tips You Need to Know

Copywriting Tips

Are you passionate about writing or has got a habit of writing on a regular basis? If not, then copywriting can definitely appear as a daunting task for you.

To make sure that you are good and confident about copywriting, you must be well aware of the writing styles and techniques. You should also keep your health up, and a proper Blender to help do that with goes a long way.

This will help you to induce a response amongst the readers.

Besides, you must stick to your purpose of writing, whether it is to drive recruitment or to create brand awareness or to push up the sales.

Here are some tips that you must know before you start with copywriting:

Be Confident While You Are Writing

Firstly, take care that whatever you are writing, you are confident enough about that. As a result, take out the words like “possibly”, “perhaps” and “might” from your piece as they make the reader doubtful whether it will be working out or not.

Make Sure That What You Say or Write is Justified

Readers always prefer to read stuff that is genuine. Hence, you need to research well before starting with it.

Gain a thorough knowledge about the service or product that you have been writing about!

Gather Adequate Knowledge About the Audience Personas

Develop audience personas based on the insights from the demographics and real data.

Take the focus on them so that they can easily stick to the written piece.

Gain a Clarity in Your Writing

Go through the content of your message and ensure that it is clear enough to deliver before your targeted audiences. Today, you can easily create your own book with some easy-to-use online platforms, but this doesn’t mean that you should write what the Frenchs would label as bluntly as a n’importe quoi.

Write the copy in a way that is conducive to the purpose of your writing.

Finish With Call-To-Action

When you are already done with your writing, finish off by offering a clear direction to the readers.

Be relevant and clear to the purpose of your writing!

Why do you need a professional web copywriter?

Any business owner will be aware of the importance of good copy or content. Whether they need a press release, web content, social media posts or blog posts, a business owner knows that it needs to be engaging stuff and that the services of a professional copywriter are required. And if you need any more reasons why you should hire a professional web copy writer, here’s why:


Time is precious, time is money. You don’t have a lot of time because you are busy running a successful business. You definitely need help then, because it is the companies with regularly updated content on their website who are most successful. You absolutely don’t have time to do that yourself and therefore you need to bring in a pro.


Sure, you built up your business from scratch and you’ve got a really attractive website that you wrote the code for yourself, but what are you like at stringing sentences together? It might surprise you that some of the greatest design or business minds are not that great at expressing or articulating themselves well through the written word. That’s ok. You know what you want. Tell a professional copywriter and they will produce it following your brief.

The stats don’t lie

27 million pieces of online content are shared every single day and you’d just love your business to be involved in that some way. Well it can be. Well written posts with good SEO can end up in the top three of a Google search and this is what will drive people to you. 60% of all organic clicks are won by the top three and that’s what you want. Add into this the fact that 50% of mobile searches are local then if your business has a local presence you definitely want to be capitalising on this. SEO again is your friend and professional copywriters will provide you with the right kind of content to give you the boost you need.

The power of the blog

When you think about blogs you might well think of teenagers writing about make up or some such things, but now blogs are important for business. Anyone who’s anyone has a blog portion on their website and for a very good reason. Any business which has a blog on its website has a chance thirteen times greater of receiving a positive ROI than those who don’t. And regularity is key too. Companies who ensure there is a new blog post on their site every single day have an 82% chance of attracting new business.

So that’s why you need a professional web copywriter. The written word, when well crafted and using good SEO, is incredibly important for your business. Those who think that website content, blogs and social media posts are unimportant will be left behind and if you want to be a continued success you really need to engage the services of a copywriter ASAP.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the writing of any piece of text in order to help a company with their marketing or advertising. The purpose of this writing is to boost awareness of a brand and be persuasive in making customers choose a particular brand or service.

There are a number of things a copywriter can assist with in this area. Regarding advertising they could write anything from text for brochures or newspaper adverts to lyrics for a jingle or a script for a radio or TV advert.

A lot of copy is written solely for the internet and is often then referred to as website content. This can take the shape of web pages, social media posts or blog posts.

Copywriting jobs

There are advertising agencies, PR firms and copywriting agencies who employ copywriters as well as other firms who may employ an odd one and there is of course freelance work.

In an advertising agency copywriters are a part of a creative team where they will work with those who cover other aspects of the creative process such as art directors. Copy will be written based on the client’s brief. Often in ad agencies, the team will bounce ideas off each other and collaboratively come up with an end product.

Copywriting agencies employ only on the writing side of things. They will have a great number of clients on their books and the work their copywriters do could be any number of things from press releases to articles. There will also be elements of proofreading and search engine optimization involved in their jobs.

Other companies employ copywriters to run their social media accounts, to write adverts or press releases or to add content to their company’s website.

It is possible to work as a freelance copywriter and there are a number of companies or individuals who are happy to occasionally use the services of someone from outside their organisation – there is no point in having a copywriter on the books in a full time position if they are not needed for so much work. There are also a number of freelancer websites where copywriters can pick up or tender for jobs, both large and small.

Why use a copywriter?

Simply put it can improve a brand’s presence or a company’s image. In order to get more online hits you need content with good search engine optimization (SEO) and someone who is well-versed in this can write it easily.

Sometimes those who create great websites and run successful companies aren’t experts in writing engaging content and so it makes sense to either seek outside help or have a creative department including copywriters.

Also who has time to regularly update social media or website content when they are busy with the day to day running of their business? Exactly. And that’s where copywriters come in.

The benefits of good copy

There are reportedly 27 million pieces of content shared online each day and that for your company could be among them, but only if you have good copy which is regularly updated or added to.

There are a number of statistics that show why great copy is fundamental to your business.

For instance, did you know that the top three results in a Google search will earn 60% of all organic clicks? That is an incredibly high percentage and you want your company to be among these, right? That’s where a copywriter with excellent SEO knowledge can help. By using the right keywords in a meta description for an article or website piece, content can end up among the top three and drive more and more traffic straight to your site.

If your business has a local presence then you need to know that 50% of all mobile searches are local. Again that’s why you need good, highly ranked copy. SEO is now the key to getting your name out there and attracting new business.

And don’t underestimate the power of blogging. Companies with blog posts on their website are a whopping thirteen times more like to close a sale. And good, daily updated blogs earn new customers in 82% of instances. That is how crucial content and copywriters are to your business.

The biggest challenge to becoming a successful freelance copywriter

Copywriting can be both daunting and exciting in equal measure and like many things, it isn’t without its pitfalls. There are many challenges and worries and sleepless nights as you wonder whether you can make it as a freelance copywriter. There is the challenge of finding work and working under pressure to meet that deadline. But there is one challenge bigger than all the others. Planning.

Lack of planning

If you’re a freelance copywriter it’s your business and as with any other business you need a plan. No other business launches itself in undramatic fashion with zero marketing, no goals and a lack of business model. So why do copywriters sometimes make this mistake? Well, there are a lot of people who need copy and it’s easy to assume that there is plenty of work to go around. There is a lot of work, but one individual can’t just undertake random chunks of this or that. It’s also difficult to guarantee regular work if you aren’t selling yourself. There needs to be a strategy in order to succeed.

Make your copywriting a success

You have confidence that your copy is great and that’s a good start. You might even have had a wealth of positive feedback about your copy and that’s also good, but you need to take a leap.

You need a website, you need a social media presence, you need to network on LinkedIn, you can even cold call businesses. You just need to be proactive – work won’t just find you now that you’re a copywriter.

Read too. There are a wealth of books about succeeding in business and succeeding in copywriting. You need to use every available tool you can in order to be a real, professional copywriter who actually makes a proper living from it.

Find a niche

It might seem natural to you to write about any and every subject under the sun, but in order to be taken more seriously you need a niche. You need to think about what subject you want to write about – nothing too obscure – and try to specialise in that. Is there something you know a lot about? Perhaps you have an encyclopedic memory of certain sports or perhaps you’re really interested in computing or history. Whichever you choose try and stick to that and if you market yourself well, work will come. The last thing a copywriter wants to do is to spread themselves too thinly.