How to Develop New Writers – The Importance of Fanfiction

Fan fiction or fic, are stories with an original plot where the characters of an already known and published story are used within a new storyline. If you have been involved in a series, movie, comic, book or game and you have decided to enter the Internet to investigate it, it is likely that you have stumbled upon one, if you are like me (and half of the Internet) you are already at the point where you look for them and you may even write fanfic, no matter if they are published or not.

I have seen and heard many people say that fics are the worst thing that could have happened to literature, which is to give power to unimaginative pre-teens to destroy a great story, my answer is usually that they haven’t read the right kind of fics, they tell me they’re hard to find, an excuse of pleading ignorance and laziness. But they’re right in front of their nose. Any of these links will bring you to great fics for examples these on or these on

In my view, fanfictions are very important pieces of literature that do wonders for the people who write them, for the people who read them, and for the original story itself.

Fics is a great way to get into writing, it gives the young, first-time writer the opportunity to explore his narrative and dialogues with characters he already knows, who has an idea of how they are going to react, what they like and how they develop. They don’t have to create them from scratch, which we know can be complicated and can even discourage writers from starting. Even with the modern use of things like outlines and templates, writing is still extremely difficult and can be discouraging. Fanfiction simplifies a lot of things and makes it a lot more fun to get started writing.

Creating someone who is realistic, with their own routine, their own way of acting, their own tics and their own tastes, is difficult, complicated and tedious. Being able to write stories with already invented characters saves you from that until you know your way of writing well. I have spoken to many published children’s book writers and children’s book writers struggle with crafting characters, and children’s books have the simplest characters of almost all the genres.

It also gives readers the possibility to take any story and make it their own, change what they think is wrong, unfair or should have happened differently, it also gives them the possibility to focus on characters they find interesting but the author does not. For example on Commaful in the Star Wars fanfiction fandom, many have focused on the Reylo pairing, a relationship between Kylo and Rey.

The haters don’t know how many fics there are out there that make Bella an enviable character (it’s not that I think it’s useless, and all those things they say out there but I have to admit it’s not my favorite) with a great personality, of Edward someone less controlling, how many fics there are where Harry is given a family, fics where Katniss and Prim don’t have to starve themselves or fight for survival, fics where all those characters who had to put their lives aside have one.

Fics where characters without a good development or story get them, fics where we see Ginny deal with what happened in the chamber of secrets where Johanna Mason has a whole story behind. It also helps with that closing need that we left with some books or characters.

Knowing what happened with Gale or in that 19 years between the last chapter of “The Deathly Relics” and the epilogue.

For the authors, I think, it’s a nice way of knowing that people like and are interested in the characters you created.

Television series use them to know what people want to happen, and in which the romantic part is important to know which is the most popular couple, and which can raise the ratings, and which part of their fans appeal to when they have problems. In other words, they can be used for market research.

And this is my opinion of why fics are important, it is true that there are some that will leave you with scars and emotional traumas for the rest of your life but if so it is likely that they were magnificently written, it is also true that some should not even see the light of day, but the latter are only a few in the sea of talent that can be found on the Internet.

And we must not forget the effort that millions of adults and teenagers put into making a story with the length of a novel, without being paid on writing sites from all over the world. And one last thing I’ve read much better fics than some of the books that have been published.

What do you think? Did I forget anything?

What do you think of fics? Do you read regularly?