Essential writing tips to always keep in mind

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Writing can be a very challenging task especially for people who dislike doing it so much. With the birth of the internet, there are many articles circulating the virtual world that you come across.

The factors that make an article enjoyable to read lies in some aspects such as content research and a unique approach to how the writer tells her story. You should also try to stay calm with the help of Legalized Bud such as indicas.

Read along to know the few writing tips that can help you.

The most important thing when you are creating a story is that you must know what you are going to write about.

Do a lot of research and make time to find valuable information that is relevant to your article. The next challenge is to use the skills you have to make the write-up interesting.

Long paragraphs are not the way to go when you are trying to get people to spend time reading an article, and that’s according to the Type and Tell self-publishing house.  Not everyone is a heavy reader, and most people will skip to the next article.

Try using short paragraphs as they are much easier to read and will attract more readers. Don’t be afraid to use as little as two to three sentences in a single paragraph.

Make use of bullets or numbers. This is a way to stress on certain key points that you want your readers to focus on.

Give your article some styles by using a format with indentations to make your article clearer and easier to read as well as remember.

Choose a very strong attention-grabbing topic or title for your article. It is true that half the battle is won with a title that captures the curiosity of people.

Questions or statements that contain an important keyword or keyword phrases that people are looking for will immediately attract more readers.

However, you must make sure that the title is also relevant to your article content. A misleading title will not reach genuine readers.

These are just a few basic writing tips to help you get the engine started.

Keep them in mind as you work out for an interesting article. With practice, you will be naturally good at it.

5 Recommended Books on Kindle Formatting

One of the things that you can do if you want to get better at Kindle publishing is read some book on doing it well. The problem is that there are lots of books out there about this topic and it can be difficult to know which ones are worth reading. That’s why we have come up with five of the best books on Kindle formatting that you can learn from. For reference, the information in this article was largely drawn from Reedsy’s series on formatting a book

Successful Self-Publishing: How to self-publish and market your book in ebook and print

This book is written by someone that has experience publishing both fiction and nonfiction and has been able to carve out a little niche for themselves and make money from publishing on Kindle and using the print on demand formula. Some of the information is a little outdated, because of the recent Amazon updates, but most of it is extremely valuable.

The Kindle Publishing Bible: How To Sell More Kindle Ebooks on Amazon

Image result for reedsy how to format a book

Another great book to read if you are interested in publishing with Amazon Kindle is the Kindle Publishing Bible. Basically, this is a comprehensive guide Amazon Kindle that takes you through the entire self-publishing process and shows you all of the different features that the platform offers. This is probably the most comprehensive guide on Amazon Kindle available today.


You might also get some use from this book, which is geared towards the author that is trying to self-publish without spending any money. While spending money can definitely be useful if you have some extra, you do not have to spend money to self-publish if you do the work yourself. This guide will walk you through every step of that process and show you exactly how to write your book, how to edit it yourself, how to format it and come up with a book cover and then publish and market your book without spending a single dime.

Let’s Get Digital: How to Self-Publish, And Why You Should

This is another terrific book that has the distinction of being updated with the latest Amazon information and really goes into detail when it comes to digital publishing. You will learn a great deal about Amazon Kindle publishing platform with this book, but you also learn about all of the other platforms out there and how you can use them for self-publishing as well. If you run into any issues with losing your book files, hit up On Site in 60, an Emergency Data Recovery company.

Self-Publishing on Amazon 2019: No publisher? No Agent? No Problem!

Self-publishing has never been more prevalent than it is today, and this book shows you exactly how you can avoid the traditional writing route where you go out and get an agent and then look for a publisher, thus allowing you to keep all of the royalties that you make for yourself. This is a really useful book on self-publishing, but it concentrates mostly on publishing with the Kindle platform and if you want to go with Nook or Smashwords, you may have to look that information up separately.

4 Blogs A Writer Should Follow

blogs to follow

Perhaps the best writing advice that works is from Ray Bradbury, a prolific writer and poet. His advice was to write every day of your life, read intensely and see what happens.

Indeed, the only way to become successful at writing is to keep writing.

However, writers do need support and help. In that case, we have a list of blogs every writer should follow.

These blogs will help him hone his craft. Here are four the writing blogs for writers:

Self-publishing school by Chandler Bolt

There’s a self-publishing school managed by Chandler Bolt that helps budding authors write and publish their books. The blog has plenty of resources for writers but to have full access and support, you will need to sign up as a student for the publishing school.

In all honesty though, the rest of the staff are very supportive, especially if you plan to use a self-publishing platform. You can also download BookLaunch for free, a book written by Chandler for writers.

Check it out; it is a very informative book. It’s going to help you finally sit down, complete and publish your first book.

The blog also has a wealth of information about the best self-publishing platform that you can use. They will also teach you how to grow your income through writing.

Make A Living Writing

[Visit the blog]

Carol Tice, blogger and self-published author, has been blogging since 2008. It’s her goal to help writers grow their income either through writing for the web and publishing books.

The blog has plenty of writing tips that are useful. She also has a list of websites that pay you to write, and it’s a long list!

The blog also includes helping you become a productive author, how to market yourself as a writer and how to use networking as a tool to get more clients.

Write To Done

[Visit the blog]

The blog has resources for fiction and non-fiction writers, how to become more motivated to write, writing tips, writing tools and resources on how to promote yourself and your work.

The articles are extremely helpful. You will be successful if you actually follow their advice.

The first step would be to sit down and keep writing.

The Write Life

Here’s another blog that specializes in freelancing, blogging, marketing, writing and publishing. They already have thousands of helpful articles for writers!

The Write Life also accepts submissions. So, if you have anything to say about writing, do contact them!

What are you waiting for? Sign up now and start writing!

Five Copywriting Tips You Need to Know

Copywriting Tips

Are you passionate about writing or has got a habit of writing on a regular basis? If not, then copywriting can definitely appear as a daunting task for you.

To make sure that you are good and confident about copywriting, you must be well aware of the writing styles and techniques. You should also keep your health up, and a proper Blender to help do that with goes a long way.

This will help you to induce a response amongst the readers.

Besides, you must stick to your purpose of writing, whether it is to drive recruitment or to create brand awareness or to push up the sales.

Here are some tips that you must know before you start with copywriting:

Be Confident While You Are Writing

Firstly, take care that whatever you are writing, you are confident enough about that. As a result, take out the words like “possibly”, “perhaps” and “might” from your piece as they make the reader doubtful whether it will be working out or not.

Make Sure That What You Say or Write is Justified

Readers always prefer to read stuff that is genuine. Hence, you need to research well before starting with it.

Gain a thorough knowledge about the service or product that you have been writing about!

Gather Adequate Knowledge About the Audience Personas

Develop audience personas based on the insights from the demographics and real data.

Take the focus on them so that they can easily stick to the written piece.

Gain a Clarity in Your Writing

Go through the content of your message and ensure that it is clear enough to deliver before your targeted audiences. Today, you can easily create your own book with some easy-to-use online platforms, but this doesn’t mean that you should write what the Frenchs would label as bluntly as a n’importe quoi.

Write the copy in a way that is conducive to the purpose of your writing.

Finish With Call-To-Action

When you are already done with your writing, finish off by offering a clear direction to the readers.

Be relevant and clear to the purpose of your writing!

Why do you need a professional web copywriter?

Any business owner will be aware of the importance of good copy or content. Whether they need a press release, web content, social media posts or blog posts, a business owner knows that it needs to be engaging stuff and that the services of a professional copywriter are required. And if you need any more reasons why you should hire a professional web copy writer, here’s why:


Time is precious, time is money. You don’t have a lot of time because you are busy running a successful business. You definitely need help then, because it is the companies with regularly updated content on their website who are most successful. You absolutely don’t have time to do that yourself and therefore you need to bring in a pro.


Sure, you built up your business from scratch and you’ve got a really attractive website that you wrote the code for yourself, but what are you like at stringing sentences together? It might surprise you that some of the greatest design or business minds are not that great at expressing or articulating themselves well through the written word. That’s ok. You know what you want. Tell a professional copywriter and they will produce it following your brief.

The stats don’t lie

27 million pieces of online content are shared every single day and you’d just love your business to be involved in that some way. Well it can be. Well written posts with good SEO can end up in the top three of a Google search and this is what will drive people to you. 60% of all organic clicks are won by the top three and that’s what you want. Add into this the fact that 50% of mobile searches are local then if your business has a local presence you definitely want to be capitalising on this. SEO again is your friend and professional copywriters will provide you with the right kind of content to give you the boost you need.

The power of the blog

When you think about blogs you might well think of teenagers writing about make up or some such things, but now blogs are important for business. Anyone who’s anyone has a blog portion on their website and for a very good reason. Any business which has a blog on its website has a chance thirteen times greater of receiving a positive ROI than those who don’t. And regularity is key too. Companies who ensure there is a new blog post on their site every single day have an 82% chance of attracting new business.

So that’s why you need a professional web copywriter. The written word, when well crafted and using good SEO, is incredibly important for your business. Those who think that website content, blogs and social media posts are unimportant will be left behind and if you want to be a continued success you really need to engage the services of a copywriter ASAP.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the writing of any piece of text in order to help a company with their marketing or advertising. The purpose of this writing is to boost awareness of a brand and be persuasive in making customers choose a particular brand or service.

There are a number of things a copywriter can assist with in this area. Regarding advertising they could write anything from text for brochures or newspaper adverts to lyrics for a jingle or a script for a radio or TV advert.

A lot of copy is written solely for the internet and is often then referred to as website content. This can take the shape of web pages, social media posts or blog posts.

Copywriting jobs

There are advertising agencies, PR firms and copywriting agencies who employ copywriters as well as other firms who may employ an odd one and there is of course freelance work.

In an advertising agency copywriters are a part of a creative team where they will work with those who cover other aspects of the creative process such as art directors. Copy will be written based on the client’s brief. Often in ad agencies, the team will bounce ideas off each other and collaboratively come up with an end product.

Copywriting agencies employ only on the writing side of things. They will have a great number of clients on their books and the work their copywriters do could be any number of things from press releases to articles. There will also be elements of proofreading and search engine optimization involved in their jobs.

Other companies employ copywriters to run their social media accounts, to write adverts or press releases or to add content to their company’s website.

It is possible to work as a freelance copywriter and there are a number of companies or individuals who are happy to occasionally use the services of someone from outside their organisation – there is no point in having a copywriter on the books in a full time position if they are not needed for so much work. There are also a number of freelancer websites where copywriters can pick up or tender for jobs, both large and small.

Why use a copywriter?

Simply put it can improve a brand’s presence or a company’s image. In order to get more online hits you need content with good search engine optimization (SEO) and someone who is well-versed in this can write it easily.

Sometimes those who create great websites and run successful companies aren’t experts in writing engaging content and so it makes sense to either seek outside help or have a creative department including copywriters.

Also who has time to regularly update social media or website content when they are busy with the day to day running of their business? Exactly. And that’s where copywriters come in.

The benefits of good copy

There are reportedly 27 million pieces of content shared online each day and that for your company could be among them, but only if you have good copy which is regularly updated or added to.

There are a number of statistics that show why great copy is fundamental to your business.

For instance, did you know that the top three results in a Google search will earn 60% of all organic clicks? That is an incredibly high percentage and you want your company to be among these, right? That’s where a copywriter with excellent SEO knowledge can help. By using the right keywords in a meta description for an article or website piece, content can end up among the top three and drive more and more traffic straight to your site.

If your business has a local presence then you need to know that 50% of all mobile searches are local. Again that’s why you need good, highly ranked copy. SEO is now the key to getting your name out there and attracting new business.

And don’t underestimate the power of blogging. Companies with blog posts on their website are a whopping thirteen times more like to close a sale. And good, daily updated blogs earn new customers in 82% of instances. That is how crucial content and copywriters are to your business.

The biggest challenge to becoming a successful freelance copywriter

Copywriting can be both daunting and exciting in equal measure and like many things, it isn’t without its pitfalls. There are many challenges and worries and sleepless nights as you wonder whether you can make it as a freelance copywriter. There is the challenge of finding work and working under pressure to meet that deadline. But there is one challenge bigger than all the others. Planning.

Lack of planning

If you’re a freelance copywriter it’s your business and as with any other business you need a plan. No other business launches itself in undramatic fashion with zero marketing, no goals and a lack of business model. So why do copywriters sometimes make this mistake? Well, there are a lot of people who need copy and it’s easy to assume that there is plenty of work to go around. There is a lot of work, but one individual can’t just undertake random chunks of this or that. It’s also difficult to guarantee regular work if you aren’t selling yourself. There needs to be a strategy in order to succeed.

Make your copywriting a success

You have confidence that your copy is great and that’s a good start. You might even have had a wealth of positive feedback about your copy and that’s also good, but you need to take a leap.

You need a website, you need a social media presence, you need to network on LinkedIn, you can even cold call businesses. You just need to be proactive – work won’t just find you now that you’re a copywriter.

Read too. There are a wealth of books about succeeding in business and succeeding in copywriting. You need to use every available tool you can in order to be a real, professional copywriter who actually makes a proper living from it.

Find a niche

It might seem natural to you to write about any and every subject under the sun, but in order to be taken more seriously you need a niche. You need to think about what subject you want to write about – nothing too obscure – and try to specialise in that. Is there something you know a lot about? Perhaps you have an encyclopedic memory of certain sports or perhaps you’re really interested in computing or history. Whichever you choose try and stick to that and if you market yourself well, work will come. The last thing a copywriter wants to do is to spread themselves too thinly.

How to Develop New Writers – The Importance of Fanfiction

Fan fiction or fic, are stories with an original plot where the characters of an already known and published story are used within a new storyline. If you have been involved in a series, movie, comic, book or game and you have decided to enter the Internet to investigate it, it is likely that you have stumbled upon one, if you are like me (and half of the Internet) you are already at the point where you look for them and you may even write fanfic, no matter if they are published or not.

I have seen and heard many people say that fics are the worst thing that could have happened to literature, which is to give power to unimaginative pre-teens to destroy a great story, my answer is usually that they haven’t read the right kind of fics, they tell me they’re hard to find, an excuse of pleading ignorance and laziness. But they’re right in front of their nose. Any of these links will bring you to great fics for examples these on or these on

In my view, fanfictions are very important pieces of literature that do wonders for the people who write them, for the people who read them, and for the original story itself.

Fics is a great way to get into writing, it gives the young, first-time writer the opportunity to explore his narrative and dialogues with characters he already knows, who has an idea of how they are going to react, what they like and how they develop. They don’t have to create them from scratch, which we know can be complicated and can even discourage writers from starting. Even with the modern use of things like outlines and templates, writing is still extremely difficult and can be discouraging. Fanfiction simplifies a lot of things and makes it a lot more fun to get started writing.

Creating someone who is realistic, with their own routine, their own way of acting, their own tics and their own tastes, is difficult, complicated and tedious. Being able to write stories with already invented characters saves you from that until you know your way of writing well. I have spoken to many published children’s book writers and children’s book writers struggle with crafting characters, and children’s books have the simplest characters of almost all the genres.

It also gives readers the possibility to take any story and make it their own, change what they think is wrong, unfair or should have happened differently, it also gives them the possibility to focus on characters they find interesting but the author does not. For example on Commaful in the Star Wars fanfiction fandom, many have focused on the Reylo pairing, a relationship between Kylo and Rey.

The haters don’t know how many fics there are out there that make Bella an enviable character (it’s not that I think it’s useless, and all those things they say out there but I have to admit it’s not my favorite) with a great personality, of Edward someone less controlling, how many fics there are where Harry is given a family, fics where Katniss and Prim don’t have to starve themselves or fight for survival, fics where all those characters who had to put their lives aside have one.

Fics where characters without a good development or story get them, fics where we see Ginny deal with what happened in the chamber of secrets where Johanna Mason has a whole story behind. It also helps with that closing need that we left with some books or characters.

Knowing what happened with Gale or in that 19 years between the last chapter of “The Deathly Relics” and the epilogue.

For the authors, I think, it’s a nice way of knowing that people like and are interested in the characters you created.

Television series use them to know what people want to happen, and in which the romantic part is important to know which is the most popular couple, and which can raise the ratings, and which part of their fans appeal to when they have problems. In other words, they can be used for market research.

And this is my opinion of why fics are important, it is true that there are some that will leave you with scars and emotional traumas for the rest of your life but if so it is likely that they were magnificently written, it is also true that some should not even see the light of day, but the latter are only a few in the sea of talent that can be found on the Internet.

And we must not forget the effort that millions of adults and teenagers put into making a story with the length of a novel, without being paid on writing sites from all over the world. And one last thing I’ve read much better fics than some of the books that have been published.

What do you think? Did I forget anything?

What do you think of fics? Do you read regularly?

Freewriting Dialogue to Inspire Characters, Stories or Settings

Freewriting is a type of writing where you just sit down and begin without worrying about where it will end or how good it is. You are basically just putting words down on paper as fast as you can. While normal freewriting can be really useful and inspiring too, one of the most underestimated ways to use it is with dialogue. Most people do not think about writing free dialogue, but coming up with a character on the spot and getting them to start talking can inspire all sorts of things.

Image result for reedsy writing exercises

Obviously, every story needs to start with the character. You need to know who your main character is before you begin writing. You may not know everything about them, but you have to know something. If you don’t have a character, then come up with a name out of nowhere and start writing dialogue for them. You can have them talking to themselves, you can have them interacting with another character that you make up on the spot or you can even have them talking to you. Whatever the case may be, this dialogue will help you develop that character and you might find that that is the perfect character to base your story around.

Of course, dialogue doesn’t just have to inspire characters. It can also inspire your entire story. If you can get your character talking, there is a decent chance that they will begin talking about something interesting that happened to them and that may be the basis for your entire novel or short story. Writing free dialogue for story inspiration can be really challenging at first, because you don’t know where to take the conversation, but if you keep at it, eventually you will get the words coming out with almost no effort.

What about your setting? You can use dialogue for this as well. For example, you could have the character describe the setting that they are currently in. Most people use the freewriting technique to simply describe the setting, but having a character describe it through dialogue can give you an entirely new perspective. You probably already know what sort of genre you want to write in, so all you have to do is come up with a character that fits within that genre and then see where they live, how they get to work, what they do for fun and what sort of interesting things have happened to them; all through dialogue. As you get them to talk about these actions, they will also be describing the setting that those actions happened in.

Freewriting is definitely a challenging technique if you have never done it before. You sit down at your computer with an empty document in front of you and have no idea where you’re going next. It may be the most challenging to actually come up with that first paragraph. But once you have something substantial down on paper, then you can start developing a story, character or setting, and dialogue is one of the most unique ways to use this technique.

The Best Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker – What Is It?

Both kinds of ice cream have some key differences in the way in which they are made. After cleaning by hand it is possible to reinstall the components and get prepared to make a ice cream! Liquid ice cream blends usually offer a more consistent final product and frequently do not require any extra ingredients and might be used directly from the packaging. While it’s particularly common in warm weather, there are loads of folks who appreciate soft serve year-round. The ice cream won’t receive any tougher than that, and so you will need to transfer it to the freezer in order for it to become more hard. It’s very amazing to generate an ice cream right at your own residence. You’re able to make your own chocolate chip peanut butter ice cream by the pint and take pleasure in it any time you prefer!

Best Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

Additionally, the bowl and paddle easily attach to the mixer and it’s quite easy to operate. Just make certain that it is thoroughly frozen. If compelled to develop a downside, aside from the price well, the Musso’s bowl isn’t removable, so cleaning is a little hassle. If you don’t remember to get a bowl frozen then you aren’t likely to have the ability to utilize your machine. All you will need to do is to be certain that the freezer bowl is suspended completely before starting.

The mix must be simultaneously frozen and whipped. The ice cream mix is pumped via the tube, where it becomes cold speedily. You’re able to purchase commercially made ice cream mix that’s set to a particular milk fat content. To begin with, you require ice cream mix. Liquid ice cream mix is going to be poured right into the machine whereas powdered ice cream mix should have water added.

Be certain you bring the egg yolks from the ice cream because it will help to make it even simpler. When the ice cream has arrived from the ice cream maker, the plan of action isn’t finished. Making ice cream at home is a lot easier than it sounds. In case the ice cream does not have sufficient air, it’s going to take on a yellowish color. No-churn ice cream is what to do. Traditional low-carb chocolate ice cream goes somewhat darker.

If you wish to further educate yourself on ice cream machines, take a look at the resources below to learn more. You will find an assortment of soft serve ice cream machines accessible to fulfill the demands of your store. Brullen business ice cream machines are high quality, dependable, and easy to use. They are big parts of gear and can be costly. When you’re thinking about purchasing the best soft serve ice cream machine, observe the clearance needed and make certain that you have enough room to accommodate this. Well, it’s a system of an ice cream that has good quality, superior capacity and straightforward operation.

Ice cream manufacturers have grown ever more popular during the past few decades. As soon as you’ve got an ice cream maker in your kitchen, prepare for all the ice cream recipes you may handle. While you might want to stay with affordable ice cream makers, you have to ask yourself a question of attributes. There are somewhat costly ice cream manufacturers but there are also are inexpensive ones. The ideal ice cream makers are simple to use, produce consistently creamy, delicious frozen desserts and are simple to wash. A large-capacity soft serve ice cream maker will permit you to make large amounts of ice cream, even though the machine might use a terrific deal of storage space.

If you intend to offer two or more flavors, you’ll have to take your financial plan and distance as guides in deciding if you’re able to receive more than 1 machine. The great thing is that the taste isn’t just a fad, but it seems like the taste is here in order to remain in American food culture. You will also have to consider flavor, using dairy goods, and the sum of servings each mix. Flavor Options You may also need to determine how many flavors you will need to offer before buying a machine. With the capability to create continuous batches, you might also make many flavors, which is fantastic for parties and if you would like to conserve the excess.

All you will need to do is to set on your fresh frozen fruit, and it’ll become a creamy and delicious soft serve in only a couple of minutes. Frozen fruit, like bananas or berries, can be set in the machine. Regardless of the fact that it is banana flavored I wish to stress it is not overpowering in banana taste. If you don’t like coconut, consider using a tiny almond milk as well as the rice milk.

What Audience Are You Targeting with Your Children’s Book?

In order to write children’s fiction, you need to understand what sort of audience you are targeting. If you can identify the audience that you are going for, then you will have a much easier time writing a children’s book. Most authors approach this from the other side, deciding to write middle-grade fiction for example, when their writing actually targets older teens. If you can identify the age group that you are going for, then you will have a much tighter, more successful novel. Let’s take a look at each of the age groups and what sort of books apply to those children.

Children Aged 3-5

The first category is children age 3 to 5. This age of children is perfect for what are called the board books. Board books are books for toddlers that are heavy duty and made to last because toddlers tend to throw their books around, chew on them or treat them as toys rather than books. Board books have lots and lots of pictures and very simple stories, usually only a few words, and they are basically intended to get books into the hands of toddlers rather than be first readers, although parents can also read these books their children.

Children Aged 5-7

Children between the ages of five and seven will probably enjoy picture books better picture books are either hardcover or paperback, have lots of attractive and colorful pictures, and have a slightly more sophisticated or lengthy storyline then board books that are intended for toddlers. Picture books include books from Dr. Seuss, as well as lots of well-known books that parents have been reading to their kids for decades. Contrary to popular belief, picture books are not easier to write than middle grade or young adult fiction. In fact, many writers and editors consider them more difficult to write. Some children will enjoy what are called early readers, which have lots of pictures, but around 2000 words of story as well.

Children Aged 7-12

Children that are entering first or second grade will probably enjoy one of two different kinds of books. The first is the chapter book, which is a slightly smaller middle grade novel with pictures. First-graders will enjoy reading ease more than they will middle grade novels with more advanced themes. But as children get older and move up towards the 12-year-old mark, they will likely be more interested in middle grade novels without pictures.

Children Aged 12-Up

Children that are 12 and up are usually going to be most interested in young adult novels, although some will spend very little time reading young adult novels and instead begin reading adult books. Young adult novels usually deal with mature themes and are meant to portray the plight of teenagers. As such, parents may want to be discerning as to which young adult novels they give to their 12-year-olds. The Harry Potter novels are mostly considered young adult novels, especially the later ones.

A Brief Guide on Hiring a Book Cover Designer

How to Choose a Book Cover Designer

If you want your book to be successful, then you have to ignore the adage that you cannot judge a book by its cover. The fact is, everyone judges a book by its cover. That’s why publishing houses and successful authors work so hard to make sure their cover images are perfect. But how do you choose a book cover designer? There are a few things to be aware of when it comes to finding a designer for your book covers. Here are some tips that will help you get the best cover for the best price.

Don’t Judge on Price Alone

When you judge on price alone, you are probably getting a bad deal. It is not always the book cover designer with the highest price that is going to give you the best cover design, nor is it always the book cover with the lowest price that is going to give you the most value for your design. You want to choose someone that is going to give you exactly the cover the you want for a price that you can afford instead.

Ask for Previous Examples

Ask your cover desire for previous examples of their work. You not only want to know they have been successful in the past at meeting client expectations, but you also want to know that they are able to design something to your own customization. If they are a poor graphic designer, then they are not going to be able to show previous examples with contact information so that you can get a reference from previous clients.

Get Them to Design a Cover with a Guarantee

you should also ask if they are offering any sort of guarantee with their book cover design. A good book cover designer will offer some sort of revision or guarantee with their work. They want you to be happy with the design that they have done, while fly-by-night designers will simply create something quickly for you and then take off after you pay before you can complain about the design. Make sure that your designer is willing to do her vision or is willing to refund your money if you are not happy with the design.

Make Sure They Have Experience with Book Covers Specifically

You also want to make sure that they are familiar with book covers specifically. A graphic designer who is never done a book cover is going to do a very poor job. Those are just the facts of life. You want someone who was actually been successful at designing a book cover that someone has liked in the past and can show you examples of those book covers.

Make Sure They Understand Your Book

Finally, make sure that they understand your book. Your designer should have read your book and know what it’s about so they can create an awesome cover design that fits with it perfectly and lets readers know that it was made specifically for that book.